Knowing a Psychopath

Last night the realisation descended that someone I have been working with closely for the past 2 years is a psychopath.

My personality type (according to Myers Briggs personality type indicator) is INFJ = The Protector. Which is true. I have many skills one of which I believe is a Problem Solver, I invest a lot of time and thought to things most people wouldn’t think twice about, I ask ‘WHY’ all the time. Why did that conflict happen? why does this not work? why does that look like that? why did I just think that? ect… and then I find out why.

Which may contribute to my extremely accurate perceptiveness, of people, of their motivations, of their agenda, so I am still surprised it has taken me 2 years to realise the personality problems of a collague are ‘psychopathy’..

I guess that’s how ‘clever’ they are in their manipulations, their charms, their lies and in hiding their agenda behind the mask of sanity, but still there are some people they can’t fool. And that is why I guess I am considered a Protector.

Anyway enough about my personality this is about the personality of a psychopath and what I am currently observing and the effect it has on differen people.

To be continued, just have to nip out!

Meanwhile a little knowledge of psychopathy is necessary & this links quick & interesting.

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Some time ago I observed how everything keeps moving, from the branches of a tree (growing) to gentle breeze that is blowing. Humans, birds, insects, flowers, rain, the earth itself turning and the moon orbiting.

Everything keeps moving. This morning I allowed my thought to develop independent of any interuptions or guidance from my ‘other’ conscious self. It went like this: in a sci-fi sort of way..if I was to visit another planet and for some reason it had stopped moving, all life therefore had also stopped and the planet was in a situation of suspended time, the image I had was of a giant plant on this planet that was like a fly trap, it had its jaws about the engulf the head of an alien type human person, the alien person looking up at the plant horried as it realised its impending fate.. Which raised the question, if the alien humans were intelligent and knew the plant was a threat to their existance why was it underneath it? the alien human mobile and able to avoid the situation of such danger. The plant routed to the spot, surely inferiour, or was it possible the plant had something superiour to the alien human and therefore had control over them?… It does go on but I have given away too much already.

I have been meaning to draw the image I could see in my mind but I got sidetracked with Madonna, someone moaning about the MDNA tour on facebook, I thought about DNA and before I know it, I’m reading fascinating material.. At first glance what I link to below seems nonsense, but on the theme of my thoughts earlier, I also remembered that the priesthoods of ancient & modern times wore ‘mushroom’ like hats, because they took magic mushrooms, hallucinagenics.. that is why they still wear those mushroom shape hats.. so I returned to read more and this struck me, because I have told some stories here & I have come to believe there is something observable and experiencable beyond our rational comprehension…


So Dr. Narby came to an encounter with deep questions that he knew he had to explore.

What if it were true that nature speaks in symbols and signs. (Hidden Meanings), and that the secret to understanding its language consists in noticing similarities in shape or in form.

What if its true?

What if nature actually places inside of us a coded message that somehow is cosmic DNA communicating with our physical DNA and we begin to know things.?

 interesting.. Full article here… Green Light – DNA

NB, also worth a mention is that knowledge of natural medicines might still be with us had the christians not gone around burning ‘witches’.. an obvious ploy to rid the world of the knowledge of nature, we now depend on the chemicals of money making pharmaseutical comapnies.

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I just had one of those bizarre mystical magical moments of synchronicity.

I was thinking about numbers and if by chance, numbers aren’t by chance. This thought occurred to me on a day when by chance (or perhaps not) by following my intuition (or curiosity) I walked into the Arena off the street as I was passing, drawn by something to discover the Dalia Lama was giving a talk introduced by Russel Brand, on enquiring I was told it was free to under 25 yr olds, I’m more than just a bit older but regardless the ticket master refused to believe me or take money and gave me a free ticket, I looked at my ticket and my seat number was 18, this was the date of my birthday just 2 days later, I thought of this as a birthday gift from the powers that be.

So I now have a moment to come back and give a little thought to numbers. For example my address/door number is 216 so that may mean nothing but by adding them it comes to 9, which is the number of Sirius (K9) I don’t know any other significance of the number 9. That aside, the other day I made my son a magic stick out of holly wood while in the woods, I snapped off a branch from a Holly bush & told him it was a magic wand and went on to explain that is where the movie industry name/place Hollywood comes from, it is from the Druids who used a Holly wood stick (magic wand) to perform their magic..  and why Holly is associated with Xmas, it is/was sacred… a secret & remains so.

So I gave my son the magic wand (holy wood) and said he could only use it for good and gave him the magic word ‘abracadabra’ which should be used when he casts his magic spells. (I was only having fun of course and he knew that).. I went on to say that the word ‘Abracadabra’ is a magic word because of the vibrations, sound waves (with reference to cymatics) and he replied ‘yes, it’s perhaps no coincidence that they make up the first music notes A. B. C. D.’ he may have a point, he’s learning well.

I have read before the significance of ‘abracadabra’ in hebrew and so now having a moment I thought I’d explore it some more as I’ve just listened to Metallica and wondered how, with just a few notes, 38 million people (youtube viewings) can go insane, be so captured, is music magic & what notes and what order does that to people?.. (remembering when I played a cymatic video & when the sound hit a certain frequency both cats in my house came almost robotically to the speakers, to the source of the sound/vibrations. It was apparent a certain sound frequency attracts cats. I wrote about it here somewhere because I was astonished.

So all that aside for a mo and back to the beginning where I looked at the numbers in my life, because like my house address 216 my birthday 18 also adds up to 9… I thought I’d just take a look at research into the word abracadabra in hebrew and I’m astonished to see that number 216 (my house number) is, well this is what I read

According to the canon the mystic word ABRACADABRA has great power as a charm. According to the Greek valuation of the letters it has the value of 216, the diameter of the sun’s orbit measured by its own diameter.

That is more interesting if readers knew the significance of the sun in my life.

I thought that interesting enough to document and share.

NB; Having just clicked to edit a spelling error I noticed the world count of my post above (without this) is exactle 612 that is 216 backwards.. coincidence eh?

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A thought just occured to me that I thought I’d write here. Yesterday I wrote Inspiration & Expectation. From my Inspiration post I realised that my inspiration often comes from the merging of two ‘things’ in that instance it was my sore arm and a song I was singing which when added together = something else… which is creation.

In another post (I can’t remeber the name, it was about the nature of seeds and the nature of wisdom) I made a point of communicating my observation that seeds in air will not thrive, in water they will not grow and in fire they will not live, but in soil they will thrive. The same with the seed of man, it needs to find the right environment to multiply a thousand fold. So my point ‘creation’ needs two ‘things’.. My creations are usually 2 things. Sooooooo… thinking about ‘creation’ of the universe, it’s only natural to ascribe the same principles (as above, so below).. Soooooo what could those two things be?

That came together to create the universe and all that is in it..

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Having just wrote about inspiration I’m now inspired to share a similar story on expectation.

Yesterday in a place of work I had a lot of photocopying to do so I pulled up a chair next to the copier in the kitchen when in came a colleage to make cups of tea.

‘Hello’ I said ‘How are you’

‘Miserable’ he said ‘My life is out of control, my work, my home life it’s all misery’.. I laughed because he’s funny, he may have been serious but he’s a comedian of sorts so it made me laugh, especially accompanied with his miserable facial expression. I said ‘O dear, what’s the matter’.. He said something about expectations and with that I jumped at the opportunity to share some wisdom.

‘O Andy’ I said ‘You’ve got it all wrong’ his actions of tea making abrubtly stopped and he looked at me curious and said ‘Have I’.. lol

I said ‘It’s so wrong to expect things, to expect things is to expect disappointment’.. (true wisdom)

He said ‘What, I shouldn’t expect anything’.. and I replied ‘Nothing’..

He’s about 20 years older than me, so it’s a little late in the day for me to be telling him how to live a life without misery, but having expectations is surely to expect disappointment if the desired expectations don’t manifest. but regardless the conversation continued and turned to talk of magic mushrooms. I said he needed some. It was fun. Before he left with his tray of tea I reminded him that his expectations were what were making him miserable, he replied ‘Nahh you’ve got to have some expecations, surely’..

Ten minutes later he came back in and was washing his tea cups out in the sink, there is a big sign over the sink that says ‘Very Hot Water’, he read it out loud. He then stuck his hands into the water and shreiked ‘Ouch’ followed by ‘Bloodyhell that’s hot’..and I replied ‘You should have expected that’!!! haha.

But there is a true wisdom I share. To have expecations is to expect disappointment.


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I am so possessed by the demon of deviation that again I write something I didn’t intend. Perhaps now, having been sidetracked twice I must accept the blog I intended isn’t for sharing.

Inspiration. Apart from being possessed by the demon of deviation I am also blessed with the angel of inspiration. I like that, see what I mean, I am inspired all the time; Demon of deviation and the angel of inspiration. It has a nice ring and is a nice premise for a story. I am over inspired, inspirations are queueing to become manifest through  me. I despise that I can’t just make them all real by thought, but instead have to labour hard for them to come to life, and there isn’t enough time to work on them all, sadly, becuse they’re all deserving of being.

On the very subject I write about inspiration and give an example.

Earlier today while walking down the street singing to myself the words ‘♪ ♫ Now she’s gone, and I’m picking up the pieces♪ ♫’. I didn’t know who the song was by, just those lyrics and tune were stuck in my head. (I now remember it’s a song by ♥ Paloma Faith ♥ love her).

So singing ‘Now she’s gone and I’m picking up the pieces’ at the same time I moved my arm and it’s sore, it’s been sore for some time and I said to my companion ‘I hope my arm isn’t permenantly damaged’..

Then I kind of thought about permenant damage and temporary damage and I thought about the song I’d been singing and how permenant damage could be a metaphore for the break up of a relationship, so I said to my companion ‘Permenant damage, that’s a good title for a song’, then I went on to say it could be about the break up of a relationship’ the person feeling permenanly damaged, believing he/she will never recover. My companion replied ‘it’s a stupid title’ I laughed and my companion went on to explain it was stupid and didn’t sound right because of nouns and adjectives and verbs or something on the lines to which my ears shut down and I couldn’t listen to all that, lol. I said ‘formula’ ‘science of language’ what the fook is that about.. My companion replied it was a good idea for a song but the title would have to change.. lol..

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I dunno where this blog is going, it’s got all messy and random, from important things I need to share to exploring psychology, ranting and moaning, when it began as a place to document & exploring some symbology. But I like natural evolution of things and it’s the natural way it’s developed, so who am I to go against the nature of things.:D

On that note, we are so use to ‘patterns’ and organised ways that anything that doesn’t seem to have a ‘pattern’ we look for one. I am remined of last week when I was at a lecture on archeaology and the professor on showing slides of broken pottery and other things discovered, like a few rocks piled up, did his best to find reason, a pattern to which might explain the behaviours or beliefs of the ancient tribes of North Africa. I thought about this as he spoke, thinking; sometimes there is no ‘reason’ there is no ‘pattern’ there is just an impulse, a feeling, an action that manifest in something. For example someone could have been bored and piled up stones, no sacred meaning other than they just did it. All the people on the earth don’t act and think like Westerners (or modern civilized man).

It’s actually quite interesting and I didn’t intend to write on that but again I go with the natural evolution of things so I will continue on this theme as I’ve just read the words

What follows is a survey of the whole, with a sketch of the sources, as far as they can at present be identified. No attempt has been made to impose a logical order on the illogicality of the book.

With regards to the text Picatrix. Why are we so obsessed with order and sense and patterns and logic? Surely it’s a product of our conditioning. Which is why it takes a certain kind of mind to recognise there might just be things that have no pattern, no meaning but just are. Remote tribes of ancient Africa surely didn’t think like us.

But interestingly I have sun and moon solar lights in my garden. Anyone who walks by these will think ‘Solar lights’. If they were to be dug up in a thousand years the archeaologist would think ‘Sun and moon worship’..

(now, having been led astray by the natural evolution of things which manifested in this text, I now have to write the blog I inteneded).

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