Deeply Disturbed by BBC Propaganda of the Solomon Squad

I don’t watch television except for the odd movie. I dispise the box of Solomon Squad propagada in the corner of my living room. In light of the recent killing of drummer Lee Rigby in London by the two suspects I took an interest in how the Zionist (Solomon Squad) media would report on it. Being experienced in media, editing etc I can easily idtentify techniques used when telling a story to the public. I posted this video on my facebook status and pointed out with commentrary how it was edited (ie: jump cuts – information edited out, the reporters voice over the killers speech – so we are denied what he had to say) and as he asked everybody to video it, nothing has emerged in media that hasn’t been edited this way by ‘The Solomon Squad’ who totally control the media. Where is the video the public took? We can’t have access to it, is that not obvious we live in a Fascist Regime? Anyway here’s that video (now removed due to a copyright claim by ITN) my point entirely, when we go on holiday, to concerts etc we take video and upload it, so where is all the video the public took of that event? like the Boston Bombins all media released to the public had gone through censorship and approval. It is beyond a joke that our information is carefully controlled. Anyway here is another link, if this doesn’t work I suggest serching ‘Woolwich Attack’ and see how Zionist media companies like BBC, The Sun, etc stamp their control (logo) all over it.

A day later I came across this video. which I shared on my facebook page along with my words ‘A brave BBC reporter actually does journalism isntead of propaganda’, some brave and honest men here and we’d be wise to listen’..

Today I put on BBC radio4 because I like the plays but there was a current affairs program on and I heard the interview above was considered ‘A BBC ERROR OF JUDGEMENT’ and the politicians and the BBC have taken steps which include banning Asghar Bukhari from ever appearing on the BBC again! WTF, WTF, SO OUTRAGED BY THE BBC PROPAGANDA I POSTED THE VIDEO AGAIN WITH MY RANT ON WHY CENSORSHIP OF TRUTH BY THE ZIONIST BBC IS A DISGUSTING INJUSTICE ON THE UK PUBLIC.

I’m deeply distured to just hear on the BBC this interview (which I posted here the other day) is considered ‘A BBC MISTAKE’ A ‘BAD EDITORIAL JUDGEMENT’ and have banned Asghar Bukhari from appearing on the BBC ever again. How can we live in a ‘democracy’ when those who disagree with the policies of society are silenced, banned and sent to jail! We are in the dark ages, like Medievel Britain, hanged for heracy against the government. Here Ashar Bukhari suggest the Muslims (like the brutal killers of the drummer Lee Rigby) are angered by British foreigh policy, which means they are disgusted that Britain has destroyed Irac and Afghanistan and is currently arming the rebels in Syria and is involved in more wars and bloodshed than you and I care to know. British Foreign Policy is what is ‘radicalising’ muslims, suggest Ashar and he’s not wrong (listen to the rant of the killer – politically motivated as an act of revenge for all the blood shed in ‘his lands’) so how can saying it be wrong? ‘A BBC editorial mistake’? We do not like the truth. Bradley Manning a soldier currently in jail for sharing the truth about ‘foreign policy’ (see Collateral Murder on youtube). It is not only muslims who are aware of the brutality of ‘British foreign policy’ but a growing number of ‘Truth Seekers’ and here the BBC interviewer steers the interview towards the public perception of those sat at home watching TV thinking our military presence in Afghanistan is helping (it clearly isn’t and only those who sit at home watching TV can think that – this message was a direct message to them to wake up to the reality). I thought it was especially brave as the BBC is biased and highly sensored being totally controlled by Zionist. Asghar said (Wikipedia) “Bukhari said that he felt that Irving was, “being smeared for nothing more than being anti-Zionist” and that the “pro-Israeli lobby often accuse[s] people of anti-Semitism.” This is NOT A FREE COUNTRY (we can’t even hear the truth) but a FASCIST REGIME one controlled entirely by a pro Solomon state and NWO.

And I followed it up with a little evidence.

A free book here ‘The Hidden History of Zionism’ wonder why this never appeared on Richard & Judy’s book

It’s terrible. I can only do my bit in sharing the truth, but when the truth is a threat to ‘The Solomon Squad’ it makes me a target to be silenced. It’s terrible really, while the psychopaths are running the world with war we could just as easily be living in a world of peace. I dread to think what the New World Order will bring, sacrifices to Moloch, de-humanised plastic looking people (they push the transhumanism through popular culture, like music video and movies – when was the last time you saw an ugly person in the media? – but plastic and fake is ugly when it’s not natural – please remember that and learn to love the natural instead of the artificial), and who know, I’m done with this post..

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