440hz and 432hz

Quick post.

I came upon this video, curious to know if I could tell the difference between two sound frequencies.

Frequency A

Frequency B

On hearing the first few notes on video A, I was completely in tune with it, it resonated with me and it felt good. I then listened to the second video at frequency B and it didn’t connect with me at all, sounded tinny, unemotional, did nothing for me,  opposed to the melodic and warm sensation I got from the first version.

Not knowing which frequency was which, I found this which answered my question.

It seems I prefer the 440hz version. Curious to learn more I listened to this, and the speaker says the music he was listening to made him angry because it was tuned to 440hz. I thought, surely not, surely it’s mood related, if I’m in an ubeat mood and there is slow music playing it will irritate the life out of me, if I’m in a chilled mood and there’s so pop music playing it will irritate me so I’m not convinced that music can make you mad, unless it contradicts your mood, so regardless of hertz, slow melodic music can drive a person as mad as anything if they’re not in a slow melodic mood. Here him speak.

So I listened to the tune he was refering to here:

I was unmoved by the music, it was just sound to me.

That was that, end of. So I thought, until..

Half an hour later I was shouting at my son for leaving the toasie machine on for 3 hours yesterday! The thing is I’m never angry, I never shout at him and there I was, going on about how much it would have cost in electricity to keep it hot for 3 hours, I also threw in the fact he’d left the house without locking the door and I couldn’t trust him to do anything, the house could have set on fire and bla bla bla. Then I stopped and said ‘Wait a minute, why do I feel angry, it can’t possibly be because I’ve just been subjecting myself to certain sound frequencies, CAN IT?

I can’t believe it can do that to a person, where’s the logic in that, but it’s very unusual for me to get irate about things and there I was, so just incase sound frequencies influence mood and aggression I thought I’d better tune into the recovery frequency of 528hz before I go to bed!

And now I feel fine 🙂

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