Cats come calling to answer a calling from what?..

The temperature were -2 degrees on the weather report and something floating by the window caught my eye, I pulled back the curtain to see if it was snowing and there was a cat sat on the outside table, not surprised at seeing a cat becaue over the past 2 weeks for some strange and unknown reason many cats have appeared in my garden, and not to attracted by an would be feme feline because the two cats in  my house are male. I was especially surprised a few days ago, when one of the cats appeared that I have not seen for some years, he use to walk on my wall daily, a big fat tabby that I haven’t seen for some 5 years. Infact, it gots so strange seeing all these cats that I wondered if it was something to do with the time of year, I wanted to document the strange phenomena that was taking place with the local cat population and see if it happened again same time next year.

Looking through the window and seeing the cat sat on the table as snow genly fell about it was incredible because this wasn’t just another local cat, this use to be MY cat, Felix. I haven’t seen him for years, he was a cat that I rescued from a neighbours neglect about 10 years ago, a cute black and white kitten left out in the cold to meow day and night at the back door of a house the owners had moved out of. The cat became a member of our houshold for several years, but as he became older and having not been spayed he grew restless and strayed. Every couple of years I would see him somewhere in the neighbourhood, I would call him over and stroke him, talk to him and then not see him again for a few years. Like bumping into an old friend and each time he looked fine so I had no worries, just glad to see him alive and well.

So Felix sat on my garden table, what had brought him back to the home he once had so long ago. This is not uncommon I know, many cats stray for years and return, but why so many cats around my place these past two weeks? I guess whatever attracted the others, also attracted Felix, I don’t think for one minute he got sentimental and thought he’d pay us a visit, I don’t for one minute think he was hungry ( I let him in but he didn’t each much), he was in fine feckle and not needing of anything, although it was freezing outside and he became reluctant to leave the warmth of the house, each time I opened the door to let him out at his request, he was walk out and then straight back in again not liking the snow and the cold. Hehe.

But it got me wondering, what brought all those cats out, I have seen about 11 and that’s very unusual, something attracted them, but what? And why?

Take Felix turning up after years, I don’t think he’ll have thought about where he was going, he just followed his instincts and ended up sat on that table, that just happened to be the house he use to live. Perhaps a scent or an electro magnetic path of somesort, or a noise or something he just instinctively followed, like all the others, it was no coincidence I am certain of that.

I can not comprehend what it must be like to be a cat,  I am aware it’s easy to assign human thoughts and characteristics to feline behaviours which is of course foolish. I remember when playing a video of sound frequencies and at a certain frequency was astounded to discover the cat’s in my house would appear as if from no-where and try to get to the source of the sound, it was a bizarre experience, the noise (vibration) attracted them and they seemed powerless to resist its calling. See here for that post about cats and sound.

If only we knew! and it’s a reminder there’s so much going on around us that we can not see or comprehend and are not ever aware of that its certainly a very magical and mysterious planet.

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