Synchronicies 2 (an example)


As in the picture I made & uploaded above I would just like to touch upon the mystical and magical world of synchronicies. I have wrote here before on the same topic, but thought I’d document this also.

Yesterday I was on a train and through the window I could see the perfect sphere of the sun disk, it was white behind grey cloud and I knew I had to express the view in art somehow. On getting home and inspired I immediately set to work on it.

There is no question about the creative process, I never sit there thinking ‘Now then what can I create today’ it is always a need to share something and sometimes it can feel like I’m nothing more than a medium for other worldy enterties to manifest their expression, at those times it’s almost like there is battle going on for my skills and time, that of course is just an idea, another way of looking at the creative process, but really I have so many projects on the go and more and more good ideas just keep on coming to me which I’m compelled, if not obliged to materialise and mediate to others.

Because my time is so stretched with manifesting arts in various forms from poetry to animations to one-off pictures and whole novels and anything and everything else in between, when I sat down to realise the inspiration I had yesterday I knew I couldn’t allocate much time to it. For that reason the first image (above top left) was created within an 1/2 hour, quite crudely for me,  it isn’t a great piece of fine art, but the idea is what I needed to communicate. I put a white sun disk in and realised the viewer wouldn’t know if it was the sun or the moon or indeed a balloon, I thought here it would be more interesting if I put in an unmistakeable image of the moon. So we could say here, the power of the moon made manifest over the power of the sun (in this instance) which is another way of looking at it. I did intend it to only be the one image, but went with the flow and within another 2 hours I had created a short story. Which when run together as frames is an animation, although a few frames (images) disappeared off my pc and I didn’t bother to re-do them because I didn’t want to dedicate too much time to it. It’s far from perfect but I’m happy to have made and mediated what manifested from that image I saw through the train window 🙂

But today, just 24 hours later I could hardly believe my eyes when the image top right poped up on my pc screen! My breath is literally taken away as my brain tries to comprehend how this strange & mystical ‘coincidence’ can happen.

I don’t honestly know, a logical mind can rationalise and come up with statistics and psychology and neural networks and such but the mystic mind will say there is a growing unified consciousness of all living things,  an awakening and those awakened to the higher realms of consciousness will speak of such synchronicies. Alan Moore described them well when writing ‘Watchmen’ which would be a great movie for study into esoteric synchronicities, clearly observable by anyone familiar with the phenomena.

The image below is the storyboard in thumbnails I created as a result of that view from the train window.

baluna storyboard

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