I haven’t written here for ages, I no longer feel it a necessary part of my life to share knowledge or my research or my experiences, I am content to just be, no one needs to know other than me.

I see in my last post titled ‘Enlighted’ I had a vent about one of my sisters, although I never stated the person who attacked me was a sister. All 5 of her sisters (inc myself) don’t speak to her (all for different reasons) but she will never recognise she is the problem, even my deceased brothers wife and son don’t speak to her, perhaps because she intefeared in their lives, that’s what control freaks do, and they are always right because their ego doesn’t allow them to see another persons perspective, their minds are blind to realities. Ego is so interesting, I like to think I’ve killed mine but it still raises it’s ugly head now and then. Being aware of it is incredibly self empowering.

Anyway I came here for some writing practice because I’d like to pick up an unfinished story project and thought a ramble here would be good. I love a good story and I’ve been terribly disappointed with the majority of movies I am getting through my television. My own stories are far more interesting, weather fact or fiction so I’d like to share these with other story fans and will go about make them manifest.

Youtube is my main source of movies these days, I put in ‘sci-fi full movie’ into the searech and this movie Cypher was quite excellent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcPgyocJeF4

Damn, my writing practice has reminded me how shit I am it it, my grammar and spelling is (damn it ‘are’) attrocious! hehe.

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