Knowing a Psychopath

Last night the realisation descended that someone I have been working with closely for the past 2 years is a psychopath.

My personality type (according to Myers Briggs personality type indicator) is INFJ = The Protector. Which is true. I have many skills one of which I believe is a Problem Solver, I invest a lot of time and thought to things most people wouldn’t think twice about, I ask ‘WHY’ all the time. Why did that conflict happen? why does this not work? why does that look like that? why did I just think that? ect… and then I find out why.

Which may contribute to my extremely accurate perceptiveness, of people, of their motivations, of their agenda, so I am still surprised it has taken me 2 years to realise the personality problems of a collague are ‘psychopathy’..

I guess that’s how ‘clever’ they are in their manipulations, their charms, their lies and in hiding their agenda behind the mask of sanity, but still there are some people they can’t fool. And that is why I guess I am considered a Protector.

Anyway enough about my personality this is about the personality of a psychopath and what I am currently observing and the effect it has on differen people.

To be continued, just have to nip out!

Meanwhile a little knowledge of psychopathy is necessary & this links quick & interesting.

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