Some time ago I observed how everything keeps moving, from the branches of a tree (growing) to gentle breeze that is blowing. Humans, birds, insects, flowers, rain, the earth itself turning and the moon orbiting.

Everything keeps moving. This morning I allowed my thought to develop independent of any interuptions or guidance from my ‘other’ conscious self. It went like this: in a sci-fi sort of way..if I was to visit another planet and for some reason it had stopped moving, all life therefore had also stopped and the planet was in a situation of suspended time, the image I had was of a giant plant on this planet that was like a fly trap, it had its jaws about the engulf the head of an alien type human person, the alien person looking up at the plant horried as it realised its impending fate.. Which raised the question, if the alien humans were intelligent and knew the plant was a threat to their existance why was it underneath it? the alien human mobile and able to avoid the situation of such danger. The plant routed to the spot, surely inferiour, or was it possible the plant had something superiour to the alien human and therefore had control over them?… It does go on but I have given away too much already.

I have been meaning to draw the image I could see in my mind but I got sidetracked with Madonna, someone moaning about the MDNA tour on facebook, I thought about DNA and before I know it, I’m reading fascinating material.. At first glance what I link to below seems nonsense, but on the theme of my thoughts earlier, I also remembered that the priesthoods of ancient & modern times wore ‘mushroom’ like hats, because they took magic mushrooms, hallucinagenics.. that is why they still wear those mushroom shape hats.. so I returned to read more and this struck me, because I have told some stories here & I have come to believe there is something observable and experiencable beyond our rational comprehension…


So Dr. Narby came to an encounter with deep questions that he knew he had to explore.

What if it were true that nature speaks in symbols and signs. (Hidden Meanings), and that the secret to understanding its language consists in noticing similarities in shape or in form.

What if its true?

What if nature actually places inside of us a coded message that somehow is cosmic DNA communicating with our physical DNA and we begin to know things.?

¬†interesting.. Full article here… Green Light – DNA


NB, also worth a mention is that knowledge of natural medicines might still be with us had the christians not gone around burning ‘witches’.. an obvious ploy to rid the world of the knowledge of nature, we now depend on the chemicals of money making pharmaseutical comapnies.

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