I just had one of those bizarre mystical magical moments of synchronicity.

I was thinking about numbers and if by chance, numbers aren’t by chance. This thought occurred to me on a day when by chance (or perhaps not) by following my intuition (or curiosity) I walked into the Arena off the street as I was passing, drawn by something to discover the Dalia Lama was giving a talk introduced by Russel Brand, on enquiring I was told it was free to under 25 yr olds, I’m more than just a bit older but regardless the ticket master refused to believe me or take money and gave me a free ticket, I looked at my ticket and my seat number was 18, this was the date of my birthday just 2 days later, I thought of this as a birthday gift from the powers that be.

So I now have a moment to come back and give a little thought to numbers. For example my address/door number is 216 so that may mean nothing but by adding them it comes to 9, which is the number of Sirius (K9) I don’t know any other significance of the number 9. That aside, the other day I made my son a magic stick out of holly wood while in the woods, I snapped off a branch from a Holly bush & told him it was a magic wand and went on to explain that is where the movie industry name/place Hollywood comes from, it is from the Druids who used a Holly wood stick (magic wand) to perform their magic..  and why Holly is associated with Xmas, it is/was sacred… a secret & remains so.

So I gave my son the magic wand (holy wood) and said he could only use it for good and gave him the magic word ‘abracadabra’ which should be used when he casts his magic spells. (I was only having fun of course and he knew that).. I went on to say that the word ‘Abracadabra’ is a magic word because of the vibrations, sound waves (with reference to cymatics) and he replied ‘yes, it’s perhaps no coincidence that they make up the first music notes A. B. C. D.’ he may have a point, he’s learning well.

I have read before the significance of ‘abracadabra’ in hebrew and so now having a moment I thought I’d explore it some more as I’ve just listened to Metallica and wondered how, with just a few notes, 38 million people (youtube viewings) can go insane, be so captured, is music magic & what notes and what order does that to people?.. (remembering when I played a cymatic video & when the sound hit a certain frequency both cats in my house came almost robotically to the speakers, to the source of the sound/vibrations. It was apparent a certain sound frequency attracts cats. I wrote about it here somewhere because I was astonished.

So all that aside for a mo and back to the beginning where I looked at the numbers in my life, because like my house address 216 my birthday 18 also adds up to 9… I thought I’d just take a look at research into the word abracadabra in hebrew and I’m astonished to see that number 216 (my house number) is, well this is what I read

According to the canon the mystic word ABRACADABRA has great power as a charm. According to the Greek valuation of the letters it has the value of 216, the diameter of the sun’s orbit measured by its own diameter.

That is more interesting if readers knew the significance of the sun in my life.

I thought that interesting enough to document and share.

NB; Having just clicked to edit a spelling error I noticed the world count of my post above (without this) is exactle 612 that is 216 backwards.. coincidence eh?

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