A thought just occured to me that I thought I’d write here. Yesterday I wrote Inspiration & Expectation. From my Inspiration post I realised that my inspiration often comes from the merging of two ‘things’ in that instance it was my sore arm and a song I was singing which when added together = something else… which is creation.

In another post (I can’t remeber the name, it was about the nature of seeds and the nature of wisdom) I made a point of communicating my observation that seeds in air will not thrive, in water they will not grow and in fire they will not live, but in soil they will thrive. The same with the seed of man, it needs to find the right environment to multiply a thousand fold. So my point ‘creation’ needs two ‘things’.. My creations are usually 2 things. Sooooooo… thinking about ‘creation’ of the universe, it’s only natural to ascribe the same principles (as above, so below).. Soooooo what could those two things be?

That came together to create the universe and all that is in it..

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One Response to Creation.

  1. koku dotse says:

    two things: here & there, is and not, the awareness of awareness and its unreal opposite of non-awareness sets up the tense vibration which is the source of the electric pulse that we call the universe

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