I am so possessed by the demon of deviation that again I write something I didn’t intend. Perhaps now, having been sidetracked twice I must accept the blog I intended isn’t for sharing.

Inspiration. Apart from being possessed by the demon of deviation I am also blessed with the angel of inspiration. I like that, see what I mean, I am inspired all the time; Demon of deviation and the angel of inspiration. It has a nice ring and is a nice premise for a story. I am over inspired, inspirations are queueing to become manifest through  me. I despise that I can’t just make them all real by thought, but instead have to labour hard for them to come to life, and there isn’t enough time to work on them all, sadly, becuse they’re all deserving of being.

On the very subject I write about inspiration and give an example.

Earlier today while walking down the street singing to myself the words ‘♪ ♫ Now she’s gone, and I’m picking up the pieces♪ ♫’. I didn’t know who the song was by, just those lyrics and tune were stuck in my head. (I now remember it’s a song by ♥ Paloma Faith ♥ love her).

So singing ‘Now she’s gone and I’m picking up the pieces’ at the same time I moved my arm and it’s sore, it’s been sore for some time and I said to my companion ‘I hope my arm isn’t permenantly damaged’..

Then I kind of thought about permenant damage and temporary damage and I thought about the song I’d been singing and how permenant damage could be a metaphore for the break up of a relationship, so I said to my companion ‘Permenant damage, that’s a good title for a song’, then I went on to say it could be about the break up of a relationship’ the person feeling permenanly damaged, believing he/she will never recover. My companion replied ‘it’s a stupid title’ I laughed and my companion went on to explain it was stupid and didn’t sound right because of nouns and adjectives and verbs or something on the lines to which my ears shut down and I couldn’t listen to all that, lol. I said ‘formula’ ‘science of language’ what the fook is that about.. My companion replied it was a good idea for a song but the title would have to change.. lol..

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