I dunno where this blog is going, it’s got all messy and random, from important things I need to share to exploring psychology, ranting and moaning, when it began as a place to document & exploring some symbology. But I like natural evolution of things and it’s the natural way it’s developed, so who am I to go against the nature of things.:D

On that note, we are so use to ‘patterns’ and organised ways that anything that doesn’t seem to have a ‘pattern’ we look for one. I am remined of last week when I was at a lecture on archeaology and the professor on showing slides of broken pottery and other things discovered, like a few rocks piled up, did his best to find reason, a pattern to which might explain the behaviours or beliefs of the ancient tribes of North Africa. I thought about this as he spoke, thinking; sometimes there is no ‘reason’ there is no ‘pattern’ there is just an impulse, a feeling, an action that manifest in something. For example someone could have been bored and piled up stones, no sacred meaning other than they just did it. All the people on the earth don’t act and think like Westerners (or modern civilized man).

It’s actually quite interesting and I didn’t intend to write on that but again I go with the natural evolution of things so I will continue on this theme as I’ve just read the words

What follows is a survey of the whole, with a sketch of the sources, as far as they can at present be identified. No attempt has been made to impose a logical order on the illogicality of the book.

With regards to the text Picatrix. Why are we so obsessed with order and sense and patterns and logic? Surely it’s a product of our conditioning. Which is why it takes a certain kind of mind to recognise there might just be things that have no pattern, no meaning but just are. Remote tribes of ancient Africa surely didn’t think like us.

But interestingly I have sun and moon solar lights in my garden. Anyone who walks by these will think ‘Solar lights’. If they were to be dug up in a thousand years the archeaologist would think ‘Sun and moon worship’..

(now, having been led astray by the natural evolution of things which manifested in this text, I now have to write the blog I inteneded).

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