Having just wrote about inspiration I’m now inspired to share a similar story on expectation.

Yesterday in a place of work I had a lot of photocopying to do so I pulled up a chair next to the copier in the kitchen when in came a colleage to make cups of tea.

‘Hello’ I said ‘How are you’

‘Miserable’ he said ‘My life is out of control, my work, my home life it’s all misery’.. I laughed because he’s funny, he may have been serious but he’s a comedian of sorts so it made me laugh, especially accompanied with his miserable facial expression. I said ‘O dear, what’s the matter’.. He said something about expectations and with that I jumped at the opportunity to share some wisdom.

‘O Andy’ I said ‘You’ve got it all wrong’ his actions of tea making abrubtly stopped and he looked at me curious and said ‘Have I’.. lol

I said ‘It’s so wrong to expect things, to expect things is to expect disappointment’.. (true wisdom)

He said ‘What, I shouldn’t expect anything’.. and I replied ‘Nothing’..

He’s about 20 years older than me, so it’s a little late in the day for me to be telling him how to live a life without misery, but having expectations is surely to expect disappointment if the desired expectations don’t manifest. but regardless the conversation continued and turned to talk of magic mushrooms. I said he needed some. It was fun. Before he left with his tray of tea I reminded him that his expectations were what were making him miserable, he replied ‘Nahh you’ve got to have some expecations, surely’..

Ten minutes later he came back in and was washing his tea cups out in the sink, there is a big sign over the sink that says ‘Very Hot Water’, he read it out loud. He then stuck his hands into the water and shreiked ‘Ouch’ followed by ‘Bloodyhell that’s hot’..and I replied ‘You should have expected that’!!! haha.

But there is a true wisdom I share. To have expecations is to expect disappointment.


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