News makes people stupid

**UPDATE** Can’t believe I ranted about news and forgot to mention that the Rothschilds own Reuters. Reuters feeds all the mainsteem major news channels in the UK. The Rothschilds have control of the banking system are head of the Zionist and drivers of the British Isreal agenda, made possible with institutions they’ve created: money, media, education, politics. And that in a nutshell is why news stinks!

For many years now I’ve not been subject to mainsteem media. Having worked in the industry, news & entertainment I can speak from experience and say news is manipuated and serves the government agenda. It’s all shite. I don’t buy or read newspapers, I don’t listen to the radio or watch Tv or shop in supermarkets etc.. it’s isn’t easy to avoid news, as Hitler once said ‘Put symbols on every corner and soon enough people will belive them’, he was talking about propaganda, and what do we have on every street corner? yes NEWS AGENTS. Anybody who watches Tv or listens to the radio can’t avoid the streem of goverment shite, which of course people believe. But let me tell me you something, had I listened to and believed the news, I would have lived in fear of terrorist, of rising petrol prices, of disease, of water shortage, of cancer, of economic crisis, and of murderers, or escaped murderers or drugs or bla bla and so on and so on. I’ve not feared any of these because I’ve not been aware of them. The news doesn’t tell you what’s going on, it serves to keep people angry, to keep them in fear, to keep them controlled. all  When news filters through to me, via facebook on rare occasions like today that the Muslim Brotherhood has won elections in Egypt, it disappoints me to see pictuers of the people of Egypt cheering, they are of course in the dark about the real state of their government and the reality is this was planned because it’s obvious the  ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is just another fraction of the American-British-Isreal controlled state (of the world).

And there are believe it or not, some people who buy newspapers to give the impression they’re intelligent? Let me tell you something, everything you think you know is wrong. Reading newspapers makes you stupid.

Although I’m in the UK, I will occasionally watch (Murdoch owned) Fox News on youtube for comedy purposes. Being outside the box let’s you see how ridiculous it is. All news is like Fox news and it’s official it makes people stupid.

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