I don’t know how I came upon this, more of the scientific than the new age, I don’t buy into the idea of new age practices, most of which are nonsense money making schemes and defeat the object, so I played the video (below) to view the shapes and forms and patterns that sound waves make.

When it got to 1.20 minutes something stange happened – the two cats in my house suddenly appeared and both of them jumped up at my computer. Something they had never done before. I played the video again a few minutes later and both cats appeared and jumped up again. One cat would return to lounging on the floor by my side when the video stopped but when the video played again and hit 1.20 minutes he would jump up, like an automatic reaction he would clamber to get to the source of the sound (claw mark in my leg – ouch!) the other cat also from his lyre would appear at the same time, attracted like magnets. I played the video about 40 times to reasure myself it wasn’t just ‘coincidence’ and each time the same thing happened at the specific frequencies. It was strange but I know dog whistles attract dogs so I know it’s not that strange really.

But to think there is a frequency that cats automatically respond to made me wonder if there is a frequency for which humans would also respond to in the same automated way. My next thought was of The Pied Piper.

A story, a fairy tale, a legend? of a man who led away the rats of the town by playing a tune, but when the town refused to pay him for leading the rats away, in revenge he played a tune to which all the children of the town danced and followed him and were never seen again…. A story I remember from childhood as I couldn’t comprehend what would have become of the children, were they dead? were they kept prisoners?

Anyhow, anyone familiar with the story of The Pied Piper and also familiar with the pagan god ‘Pan’ can make associations The Pipes of Pan for example or more famously the lyric ‘The piper’s calling you to join him’ Stairway to Heaven, Led Zep (which is an alchemical song about ‘enlightenment’, the path to highter consciousness ‘the stairway to heaven‘ a term of the ancient mystery schools). Pan also the god of nature as well as the god of music, he himself a representation of higher consciousness, from beast to human to divine…

Without deviating further what also may be of interest is the Biblical sentence “In the beginning there was word, and the word became flesh”.. (however acurate the Hebrew-English translation I’m not qualified to comment.) But the very sentence can suggest the word (sound) was creation… Especially interesting when religious text forbid verbalising the word for ‘God’.. instead refering to the ‘Tetragramation’.. Which raises the question: Does sound have properties we are currently not aware of?

NB: I will just add waves of both sound and light (or particles) are nothing new to me, I have some experience of working with ‘wave form monitors’ and sound recording equipment and oscilations per second and the nanometer scale and such techo equipment, so it’s not so much the patern that I’m talking about here, but the posibility that sound is more powerful than we could ever imagine. If there is a frequency that activates cats, is there a frequency that de-activates them? And could that be applied to humans?. When I think about Sony music output one has to wonder if indeed this principle is in practice and has the power to subdue entire populations (lol)..

Worth a thought, if only for sci-fi purposes  🙂

NB, NB: I later found this which is about ‘The word’ (sound) as creation in ancient Egypt.. I have often wondered why ‘WORD’ and ‘WORLD’ are so similiar in spelling! Is it because the first created the second?

NB NB NB if god is 528 hz then the sound of god is pretty amazing in the style of…

NB extra: chatting to a friend about my recent discover above he said the US military have used sound as a weopen, by playing repetative music as tortue. I remembered the Guantanamon Bay story of the US military trying to extract confessions from suspected ‘terrorist’ by playing ‘Barney, the purple dinasour’ at volume day & night for weeks.. Sure that is funny, but then I had a thought, if sound waves really did shape the universe, the world & all that is in it, a change in sound frequency could indeed give a plausable theory concerning the mystery of the disappearing dinasours, which were replaced by humans, perhaps the shift in form was due to a shift in frequency?

And if so, if another change is frequency is due, we humans as we know us are doomed. We’d better start inventing sound proof shelters & quick!

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