Was Jesus – Caesarian – the son of Cleopatra & Julius Caesar

Was Jesus Christ – Caesarian – the son of Cleapoatra and Julius Caesar?

I was never convinced Jesus existed until I was reading a book on assasinations, a book I picked up at random for £2 for a long train journey. I read about the assasination of Julius Caesar and there were sketchy details about the son he had with Cleopatra – named Caesarian. I already knew some had made comparisons with Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ, claiming Caesar and Jesus shared many similiar qualities, with the initials JC some had even speculated Jesus had been designed, modeled from the great leader Caesar…

So reading my book on assasination and it’s the first I’ve heard of Caesarian, I thought that strange, as what an incredibly special child that must have been, born unto the two greatest leaders that ever graced the earth – Cleopatra of Egypt and Julius Caesar of Rome.. I wondered if it possible that this child could infact be what we have come to know as Jesus Christ, it all seemed to make sense including explaining the Jesus/Horus connection. I couldn’t wait to get off the train & find information on the dates/birth/deaths to see if my thoery was a posibility.. I’ve never been so anxious.. I was like “OMG, OMG, OMG.. this is some discovery”.. the very thought made me shake with excitement, anticipation, it all made sense.. but I needed to know more..

The Jesus/Horus connection.. if you’re not already familiar with this just google search. When it becomes clear Jesus & Horus shared the same attributes, it becomes clear there is a link with Egyptian mythology and Christian mythology (this goes deeper and extends to the ‘trinity’ of God Mary & Jesus being similar to the trinity of Osiris, Isis & Horus).

So I researched more and I couldn’t find anything that suggested Jesus could have been Caesarian. But what I read almost confirmed what I thought. I read ‘Cleopatra considered herself and son Caesarian to be the incarnations of Egyptian Gods Isis and Horus’…. **WHOAH!!!**  that was the connection I needed.. This confirmed Caesarian was considered Horus… Just like Jesus is considered Horus. This proved all 3 are linked (Horus, Jesus, Caesarian) into one, they are it seems, one of the same.

He was considered both a Sun God (Horus) in Egyptian terms and a Son of God in Roman terms (son of Roman God Julius Caesar).

As the most important person on earth as heir to both the Roman and Egyptian empire I imaging there were concerns for his safety. There is a theory which suggest he (Ceasarian) was sent into hiding in India & Tibet where he learned Budhist style teachings and parables whilst with the Monks. (This co-incides with the bible as there are 17 years of Jesus life missing from the bible – see also – Nicolas Notovitch who published a book called The Unknown Life of Christ in 1894 which states there is evidence to suggest that’s where he was).

Returning to the mediterainian some 17 years later Caesarian with name changed to Jesus Christ (taking the JC initials of his father) went about his budhist style teachings and claimed he was the Son of God. This true because he was the son of Roman god Julius ceasar.

He formed a following of those who believed he should be the rightful heir to the empire, they supported him as their leader, both in Egypt and in Rome. These followers formed the early cult of Jesus (note: no walking on water or miracles at this time, they supported him in beleif he was their rightful leader. But they were persecuted by opposing authorites of Rome. Until some hundreds of years later when the Roman Emperor Constantine declaired acceptance of the Jesus cult and the minority became the majority. And by doing so re-gained supreme control over the empire and beyond.

I’ve come to wonder if early churches were build on pagan sites, not to quash them as is the belief, but to ascend them, as the early Jesus cult was  pagan, they include much pagan architecture, the pagan cross, the green man, sun symbology etc. Early churches could well have been built as pagan places of worship and history books ‘amended’, it’s possible. I believe The Jesus Cult which had grown but become devided into those who believed Jesus was The Sun God and those who believed he was The Son of God. There were conflicts in what Jesus and God were, so Constantine formed a counsil (The 1st Council of Nicaea) and invited all the bishops to decide what Jesus and God should be. It was decided there that Jesus should embody both the Pagan God (like Egypt) and the Person God (like Rome) which is what we know Jesus as today, both a mystical figure and a real living person. This decision kept everyone happy and united the conflicting beliefs into the one God. The One God we are familiar with today. THIS ‘ONE GOD’ CONQUERED THE WEST, WITH CHRISTIANITY, making it THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. (interestingly this unity is on the back of an American dollar bill – see my Eye of Horus post)

This is what I have come to suspect after much research.

As far as I know the bible was written just before it went to print on the Gutenburg press (1450’s). All books are written by human people.

There is a lot of ambiguity in the bible. A lot of the unexplained and the majority doesn’t make sense. But it does make sense if you understand the basics of Egyptian Mythology and realise from above this his how Christianity came to be.

Orisis – Isis – Horus

Julius Caesar – Cleapatra – Caesarian

God – Mary – Jesus

They are all the same holy trinity. God the father, the virgin mother and the sun/son child.

So that’s what Christianity is, an amalgamation of Egyptian astrological mythology and historical facts. This unity has conquered the west. This unity is on the back of American dollar bills, we see the pope with his fish hat, the green man in churches, we celebrate the pagan festivals under guise of Christian faith.. etc, etc etc..

Which is quite incredible.

In the words of a friend (I don’t copy without credit) “Take a good Wiff … sniff… sniff… you smell that? That’s what you have been eating for many years. Here try some fresh vegetables and clean water to follow, it might taste bad at first but it’s better than walking on water and raising dead people. Remember you do not swallow government medicine it’s a suppository!”

I remember my first encounter with something of this nature and scoffed..  It’s really hard to your head around it, but when you do it’s quite something. It’s the most incredible story you’ll ever come to realise.


Q. Jesus wasn’t born at the same time as Caesarian so they can’t be the same person.

A. BC/AD dating is suppose to be Before Christ and After Christ, no one knows if this means his birth or his death. There is no 0 (zero) BD/AD dating and the Julian Calendar came into use 45BC. BC/AD dating was devised in 500 but not widely used until 800. BC/AD dating refers to both the Julian calendar and the Gregorian one, it is recognised there are errors and confusion and it is not accurate, some say an error of 30-45 years. It’s impossible to know but it’s knows there are errors. Julius Caesar lived 100 -44 BC and Cleopatra 69 -30BC with the recognised errors and confusion in calendars the dates are around the same.

Q. You were sent from Satan to test our faith in God

A. Damn, you found me out.

(The origins of the satan myth are rooted in Egyptian mythology as the mytholocial god Set)

Q. It doesn’t matter who Jesus was what matters is the message that gave his life for others. It’s a message of respect and peace.

A. We want to live, it’s human nature, but all it takes is training/brainwashing – Soldiers buy into the idea of sacrificing their life for Queen & country, more recently for oil & US corporations (corporatocracy) in war, muslims buy into the idea of giving their life in suicide bombings, there is no peace in that. There is no peace in religion.

Q. My friend is psychic so God & dead people must exist and be in spirt.

A. No your friend is not psychic. This is psychology of beliefs, subjective validation & cold reading techniques.



Q. What does it matter?

A. It matter that people know, that’s all.

What I’ve given above is the bare skeleton, it’s the back bone of how I have come to believe Christianity has come to be. But it also comes warpped in skin. In the metaphores, the stories and beliefs and more, but that’s psychology and theology and neurology and for another day..

Please check out some stuff here.

The Egyptian Trinity

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horus and http://freethoughtnation.com/contributing-writers/63-acharya-s/378-horus-is-the-sun-god



The Roman/Egyptian Trinity




We already know the Holy Trinity – God, Mary, Jesus

Set/Satan origins


The 1st Counsil of Nicaea


The Egyptian/Roman unity on US $1 dollar bill


(there is A LOT of information of that picture, see the falcon, the sun disk, the wheat, the owl, click zoom and find the owl)

Some pagan symbolism/festival in Chriatian religion






BC/AD dating


Missing years of Jesus




The Three Kings


Then understand the 12 contellations (stars in the sky)  Aries, Taurus etc.. they travel round with the sun, just like the 12 apostles travelled around with the sun. Thomas means twin and represents the constellation Gemini (for example). And the four gospels of Mathew/Mark/Luke/John are the 4 mythical sons of Horus.. And not forgetting the 10 deadly sins are lifted straight from the Egyptian book of the dead. etc etc..


Enough already. I absolutely conclude. I would have been charged for herecy some years ago and sentenced to death for even muttering the above. Governments sill have a way of disposing of trouble makers and Christians still have a way of persecuting those blasphemous. If I disappear please someone come and find me or at least pass on the text above. Thanks 🙂

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39 Responses to Was Jesus – Caesarian – the son of Cleopatra & Julius Caesar

  1. leonia bumpass says:

    Wow you posted this on my birthday. Do you believe that the beginning. Is really recent?

  2. Sam says:

    The name Jesus is a mistranslation of the Greek Iesus. His initials would have been IC not JC, or rather IoN (Iesus of Nazereth) as he was not called christ in his lifetime. Christ wasn’t even a word as modern English did not exist at the time.
    It may seem like a petty argument, but so are all of the references you make you make in this article.
    “As far as I know the bible was written just before it went to print on the Gutenburg press (1450′s). All books are written by human people.”
    Really? You site 20+ references for your “revelation”, but you never site a single christian reference.
    It’s apparent to anyone who reads this you’ve likely never picked up a Bible, let alone bothered to read one.
    Yes, the Trinity is an ancient concept. Yes, there are SEVERAL ancient god myths with similarities to Christ. The fact that RE-discovered one that many people have cited for decades, doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful of other peoples beliefs.

    • boxoff says:

      Thank you for the comment. The greek letters ΙΧΘΥΣ you speak of is an acronim meaning Jesus Christ Sun God Saviour, which also spell out ‘fish’.. (Fish is biblical symbology I won’t go into here but is very interesting. Especially as we are in the astronomical age of Pisces). Constantine’s ch rho symbology may also be considered. I blogged later that these post were rambling notes I wrote in haste. I take you point about not including a single christian reference, that’s because my motivation was to decipher christianity because it doesn’t make sense, but it does when you realise the Kabala, The Rosicruicians, The Ancient Egyptians, Akhenaten etc etc.. there is more: I realised there is always a religious figure slaying a dragon in (religious) myths throughout the ages, dragon v cross, the dragon prevails in the east, the dragon was overcome by the cross in the west. People can believe what they want, and they do, the psychology of beliefs is most interesting. Why you think I disrespect people for their beliefs? My philosophy ‘There is no religion higher than truth’ I am a truth seeker.

    • 7essense says:

      Issus, Issa, Isa means son of Isis. Cleopatra considered herself Isis reincarnated. You just helped his argument numbnuts.

    • Raf ca a says:

      The crist comes way before even the bible, its a self entiti not a name for or some one. No need to get religious

  3. Raw Vag says:

    I too am interested in this idea but the trinity in chritianity is ‘the father, the son, and the holy ghost’ nothing to do with Mary. Also ‘chirst’ is from ‘Khristós’, a greek word, from the hebrew ‘Messiah’ which was not used in his life time. So he would not have been JC. You should get your facts right or it seems as if you are filling in the blanks. Cleapoatra had three other children with Mark Antony, who some say are important. I am thinking of writing a book on this myself. It’s clear to anyone with an open mind that the bible factual, I don’t think I’ll uncover the hidden truths of the universe but it colud be an a bit of fun to read on a train someday.

    • boxoff says:

      Thank you for your comment. As Jordan Maxwell said ‘Just when you think you know it all, something else comes along and you realise there is more’ or words like that on this whole subject, I recommend you research his findings/theories they are interesting. Christos yes, infact the mosaic of Christos Helios is an early Jesus/Helios combination, also take a look at this and Christos and oil.. as lord is lard.. anoining.. The bible is astology deeply coded in kaballah/jewish mysticism.. when you learn this it becomes clear the alegory is mostly astrological, relating to the stars, sun=jesus=enlightement.. infact it’s all ultimately about ‘enlightenment’.. and killing the ego is way to go to get a ride in that chariot of the gods..

      • Raw Vag says:

        There are 1000’s of ideas out there, I was listening to some old red ice radio shows the other day, do you know Ralph Ellis, he has written six or so books claiming many of the bible figures such as king David and Moses through to Jesus were all Pharohs or Egyptian royality, he even links the battle of Troy.

        I think the greatest mystery for me is who built the pyramids. I also like Michael Tsarion, but being of Irish origion myself maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. Another thing that I think is very strange is the moon, We know that without it life on this planet would be very different if any could exist at all, there is also the size of it compared to the sun, and the moon landings. There is a great book in there somewhere only I don’t know if I can get it out.

      • boxoff says:

        I agree, I think the subject is fascinating, it’s taken me some years and it’s like pealing back the onion skins, new layers just keep emerging. But those layers are deeper, on the same subject, not different. I’ve been everywhere from symbolism to renaissance Italy to the knights templar and it goes on and on, all of which are connected by the same theme, essence of which I believe: esoteric philosopy, kaballah, alchemy, astro theology & some more.. The latter with you mention of moon, yes the world would be very different without it, I read a long time ago theories of it being a hollowed out alien space (thing) ‘Alien Agenda’ by Jimm Marrs but it’s important to recognise theories are theories and the moon being a planet is also a theory. The moon represents a lot of things in secret language of the cabalist, it is Mary (Jesus mom) it is Isis (Horus mom) it is the female principle (duality – the male being the sun) it is silver (alchemy).. As you mention the size of the sun & ration to moon I will add I believe when there is an eclips of the moon infront of the sun this is the union of the male & female principles, it shows a ring, which is where we get the wedding ring from, as above, so below (Hermeticism – Thoth Hermes).. the wedding ring like the ring of the eclips represents the male/female union. The engagement ring is ‘almost’ the union & again we see the diamond ring shape about a minute before the wedding ring shape of the sun/moon male/female union.

        I also strongly believe the bible characters as you mention are Egyptian Pharoah. For example Ra-messes II is thought the be mosses, Abraham is thought to have been Akhenaten.. the book is ‘Secrets of The Exodus’ for more, it’s interesting. But ultimately all our western culture goes back to ancient Egypt, the Templars, the Freemasons, The Rosicrucians have that knowledge and symbolism. I’m in the UK also.

  4. Raw Vag says:

    correction- It’s clear to anyone with an open mind that the bible ISN’T factual,

    a key word missing there sorry

  5. Babyblue. says:

    I do think this is the most realistic explanation I have ever heard. I’m not in to religion but my mind is still open to an intelligent universe and abilities beyond our understanding. I do think psychic ability and meditation can be proved with science. Also reincarnation. Thanks for your great essay. I’m sharing it on Facebook.

  6. Ronaldo Valdez says:

    I am a humanist and don’t believe in god, but I think your theory is wrong.

    Caesarion was born in Egypt in 47 BC. His mother Cleopatra insisted that he was the son of Julius Caesar. Caesarion was said to have inherited Caesar’s looks and manner, but Caesar apparently did not officially acknowledge him. Cleopatra also compared her relationship to her son with the Egyptian goddess Isis and her divine child Horus. The matter became contentious when Caesar’s adopted son Octavian came into conflict with Cleopatra. His supporter Gaius Oppius wrote a pamphlet, which attempted to prove that Caesar could not have fathered Caesarion. Caesarion spent two of his early years, from 46 to 44 BC, in Rome, where he and his mother were Caesar’s guests. Cleopatra hoped that her son would eventually succeed his father as the head of the Roman Republic as well as Egypt. After Caesar’s assassination on March 15, 44 BC, Cleopatra and Caesarion returned to Egypt. Caesarion was named Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar co-ruler by his mother on September 2, 44 BC at the age of three, although he was King in name only, with Cleopatra keeping actual authority all to herself.

    Between the death of Cleopatra, on August 12, 30 BC, up to his own death on August 23, 30 BC, he was nominally the sole pharaoh. He was killed on the orders of Octavian, who would become the Roman emperor Augustus. He was the eldest son of Cleopatra VII, and possibly the only son of Julius Caesar, for whom he was named.

    And finally, according to biblical scholars, Jesus Christ was born 3BC after King Herod died (4BC). He was cruxified at 32AD.

    So, please insert facts in your argument for us to check your sources.

    • boxoff says:

      What you say confirms what is written. The facts are the dates are not accurate, gregorian calendar and julian calendar transistions there are known errors, no one knows the accuracte dates as they have been lost. As for Caesarian being killed on Octavians orders, there is no evidence, history is largely fabricated by the ruling powers to suit the ruling powers, there is no factual documented evidence Caesarian was killed. The very word ‘caesarian’ is still used today when babies are born using this method and survive to represent the ‘miracle’. We of course will never know but I think the comparisons are certainly worth contemplation.

  7. John Arouet says:

    Interesting how much of your argument centers around a mistaken version of the Holy Trinity. Mary is not part of the Trinity as she is not an element of God. The Trinity is God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 3 pieces of a singular whole: God. A whole that Mary is not, nor ever was, considered part of.

    Also, Jesus’s name is not Jesus Christ. Christ is more of a title, kind of like when you sometimes hear someone refer to a king as their name and then king. I.E. Lord of the Rings refers to King Theoden as Theoden King. That does not mean that Theoden’s last name is King, but that he is Theoden and he is King. Just like Jesus’s name is Jesus, and he is Christ.

    You may want to learn a bit about the religion you are talking about before you make up your theories, makes for a more believable story, rather than the ramblings of a loon.

    • boxoff says:

      Hi thanks for the comment, all appreciated. A tri (is 3) trinity is 3, I am aware the beleif of the Holy Trinity in Christianity refering to God the Father, God the Sun (Sun/Son) and God the Holy Spirit but a trinity means 3. Osiris, Isis and Horus is a trinity, as God, Mary and Jesus are a trinity. Tri the root meaning 3, triangle, tripod, triage, trinity all mean 3. Christ – means anointed one, oil. Christ see the Greek mosaic Christos Helios as this is christ & hellios in one, an amalgamation, the pagan and the christian, Hellios the sun god, Jesus the sun god. It is interesting and I recommend further research because believing what you’re told, rather than finding and concluding is not a way to go if you vale truth and common sense.

  8. John Carlo says:

    your theory is not a theory but very correct… the jesus story also represents not only the sun in the sky but also the pineal gland of the brain… so in a way we do have a trinity…

  9. etheoreal says:

    You should watch Rome, the HBO series. Everybody knows that Titus Pullo is the father….

    But seriously it would be more interesting to explore the similarities between religious and cultural forms that went into the shaping of the story of Jesus. The bible was written by human beings, as you say, and so it is unsurprising that all the myths of the times went into shaping the scripture. You lead yourself into conspiracy fundamentalism however if you take one of these myths as literal historical truth. Much more eye opening for a Christian fundamentalist to learn that religion is historical and cultural and human made. You could even do some good if you just stay away from crank history.

    • J Lally says:

      I have just watched the show Rome and I thought to myself is the boy ceaserian actually Jesus?

      Then I came across this article and some of it made sense apart from the holy trinity. Mary is not part of the holy trinity. The holy trinity is “the father, the son and the holy spirit’.

      Maybe the Catholics replaced the woman with ghosts, who knows?

  10. David says:

    Even though the discrepancy in dates leaves open a door for which anything can be claimed as possible, there are some telling statements which cannot be gotten around with the bc ad argument. Doesn’t the bible say Christ died in the fifteenth year of the reign of Augustus? Not a date but an accumulation of years. Augustus ruled for an accumulation of 40 years regardless of the dates, and he did not begin his sole reign until 10 accumulative years after the death of Julius Caesar. At the time of Cleopatras death, Caesarion would have been somewhere around 15 years old, add to that the 40 years of Augustus’s reign, plus the 15 years of Tiberius’s reign into which Jesus was crucified, and you have a man who was approximately 70 years, if Caesarion was truly Jesus. And in my own defense, I’m rambling these numbers off the top of my head so they may not be exact, but my 30 years of studying Roman history should ensure that they are at least very close. So can an approximately 70 year old Jesus also fit into this theory when the Bible places him in his early thirties I believe?

  11. David says:

    I’m sorry, above I meant to write: fifteen years into the reign of Tiberius, not Augustus

  12. This is a fascinating topic. It’s easy to tell the people who are interested in truth from those enslaved to facts. It’s a clear right-brain vs left-brain distinction. There are so many more left-brainers in America that right-brainers have had to learn how LBs think; clearly RBs haven’t returned the favor. I say identify them and eliminate them from the conversation. People searching for the truth will eventually find it. People searching for validation of their previously understood facts should know their place and wait for the intellectuals to tell them what to think and then impress us with their information gathering abilities. Expecting fact freaks to understand is recursive foolishness.

  13. 1. Correction: LBs haven’t returned the favor
    2. reply to this reply or I will not be notified of comments

  14. malcolm says:

    this is intresting…ifound the same links basicly the same theory you have described here. my only issue with all you have wrote is: “more recently for oil & US corporations (corporatocracy) in war”……what the hell is “corpocracy”?….when government and business are in the same bed so to speek it is called “fascism”.

    • Caesar! says:

      i think he means that corporation dictate all the important world decisions. it is not so much that corporations are in bed with government (although they are) it is more accurate to say that government is in bed with corporations! lets not forget that conglomerates of corporations are in many cases more powerful than nationstates. look at the IMF for instance. they are a perfect example of how the individual wealth of corporate owners can rule over the decisions made by nation states. our government in particular (assuming you live in the US, is a rather potent example of a corporatocracy. decisions made on a national level are made by politicians that were propelled into office by corporations and are thus obliged to serve them come decision making time. corporatocracy is not fascism. they can both be present in a nation’s political and economical makeup however. Nazi Germany was not a corporatocracy but it was a fascist state. the US is (or at least i would argue) both of those things at same time. economically and politically we are a corporatocracy and so, naturally all our decisions (even the ones regarding war) are made with corporate assets in mind, why do we go to war to protect israel? because we have massive Jew owned corporations at our political core ie. goldman sachs and co. why do we go to war over oil? because we need to secure supply for oil corporations.

  15. Amanda says:

    I have photos of julius with me. You should email me 😉

  16. Caesar! says:

    yes! this comments page still lives in 2014! lol

  17. G says:

    Interesting theory, not sure I buy it, but that’s because there’s several thousands of theories on everything and it’s hard to settle on just one

    Out of interest, what was the title of the assassination book you read that lead you on this hunt for information?

  18. Mark says:

    To whom it may concern:
    On my cell phone I did not catch your name. You are correct. I came upon this idea recently, and that’s why I conducted this search to find your article. A friend of mine is a Mason. After mulling this notion over in my head I approached him with altogether too much zeal. He then looked at me squarely and said, what are you going to do about it. I suddenly realized I had just broken some two thousand or more long secret; used to manipulate and control the many. What’s more, I suddenly feared for my safety. I told him that it was absurd and smiled. He said this was the greatest story ever told.

    I came upon this notion independently as I attend catholic mass every morning at 8:30. How can someone die for another? And create guilt, or shame I.e. fear, when the devil uses fear?

    I also write theoretical physics and have felt for some thirty years that our minds if connected well, may be doing something special, in creating opportunities for change; or life in the entanglements that could develop over close or vast distances of space. So I have always been Religious.

    My work in physics absurdly enough, reinforces the notions of God; it does not however reinforce the notions provided for in son dying to save another. In the new entanglements matter and energy are created from the communications themselves… And thus something from nothing.

    We as humans can feel comfortable knowing that the God we could worship, actually through the principles of Faith, Prayer, etc. build healthy nervous connections, and provide for more robust entanglements; and possibly create the correct changes needed to form convolutions of matter in space.


  19. nick says:

    God bless you for finding your way to my religious beliefs thought i was alone

  20. rilya says:

    it makes so much sense.
    I recommend everybody to watch series of videos ‘ring of power’ on youtube.
    some great points of the conversation are discussed and explained.

  21. Hey there, check out the first portion of RING OF POWER by AMENSTOP Productions,

    It further asserts Moses was an Egyptian as well.

    • boxoff says:

      Thank you, yes I found it sometime after that thought occurred to me. It does makes sense and I strongly suspect there is some connection there. As with the passing of time it has become somewhat different, but the roots and connects are still there if one is curious to discover/uncover the past.

  22. Emanuela says:

    Thank you for putting this out, I must say it blew me away as I had come to the very same conclusion you did and I believe the same thing as you have been saying here. The Piso family wrote the story of Jesus….they mock Julius Ceasar whom they hated with a passion. The Piso family had a very bad habit of making up history to suit everything they were writing, they even made up name of people to coroborate those stories…Calpurnius Piso wrote under many different names and while living in say 70ad or should I say after he was able to write as a historian called Josephus (Totally fabricated person) it was Piso who was related to Julius Ceasars third wife Calpurnia Piso…..they knew Ceasarian should have been Emperor of Rome and the Egypt….they mock him and his father Julius Ceasar and Queen Cleopatra. Now Cleopatra and Marc Anthony had three children (Siblings of Ceasarian) a twin boy and girl and another son….Why oh Why would Octavian take these three children to be looked after by his sister Octavia who was wife of Marc Anthony and yet KILL Ceasarian, when infact Cleopatra was a very clever woman, and she sent Ceasarean away before Octavian got to Egypt. She sent him with servants and an uncle and aunty….like josehp of Arimateah and Mariumni Herod….who knows. Many years later, with Mark Antony, Cleopatra had three more children—twins Alexander Helios (sun) and Cleopatra Selene(moon) and another boy, Ptolemy Philadelphos. Jesus siblings….more research will take you even further down that rabbit hole….good luck.

  23. Zachary Ivan McMaster says:

    You’re theories are actually spot on with the research I’ve been doing on my own texts and resources. The only thing I would suggest adding in so far is explaining how the stories of Moses and the pharoahs daughter that raised him as her own actually tie in to the stories of isis, haurus and set. Moses could be interpreted as haurus in the sense that they both played similar roles and have the same childhood experiences. Their time lines should be way off but that doesn’t mean history doesn’t actually repeat itself. This Moses theory would be inferring the Great pharaoh was Osiris, and was over thrown by set (seti) so then the rank of pharaoh was stolen by a clever Blood God. It explains why Moses’s biblical story is about helping an inslaved race of humans escape the uneacapable. Haurus didn’t just over throw set one time long long ago…the stories all match in behavioral traits showing haurus came back as Moses to over throw the human reincarnations of set. Then later on in roman stories he is born of Julius and cleopatra with hope maybe the time line fixed its self but no, sure enough fate has a funny way of sticking to the plan! So he became more than a tool used to buy the good people time in between chaotic dark religious reigns. He went off to learn how to train people to do what he has been doing for millennia. That’s where haurus ties heavily into the story of Caesarian being smuggled into the hemmalayas. After julius’s assassination Egypt and Rome suffered violent revolts and chaos. The people apparently went into some type of frenzy. An old prophesy in my bibles states that after the truth is whipped off the plain of earth then there will be 4 cursed generations that Don’t respect their mothers or fathers and have jaggedly sharp n pointy teeth incomparable to any human alive. Cleopatra and mark Antony killed themselves in the midst of the commotion so it must have been something serious. Wasn’t just the senate acting on conspiracy like we’re told. Mark Antony was a renowned war veteran and commanded the strongest parts of the legion. Roman law or not, he would have had loyal followers just like caeser did. I think Brutus really did a ritual for set and started something the world will never beable to shake off. Ancient armegeddon..the prophesys seem short and almost unnecessarily riddled as if written in some haste. Usually if someone experiences deja vu it’s a sensation honed in exactly in that moment or few moments it lasts. I’ve never heard of a strong enough prophet who can see the future hundreds or thousands of years ahead. If they exist they are hiding from the people who need them most.

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